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Shenzhen JXP technology Co.Ltd. is a company that is established in digital printing field. We possesse solid and leading technology、experienced service team and perfect service system, and provides professional services for all clients.There four departments in our company: printhead R&D department、ink R&D department、printer spare parts department、printer service department.

Printhead R&D DepartmentEquipped with talented genius. Responsible for printhead research and printhead repair,including:printheads circuit damage、film peel off、nozzle damage、ink leak、filter exchange、plug exchange、piezoelectricity body aging etc. nozzle block repair can achieve at a 99% effect。We can save cost for clients, for we can repair all kind of printheads that cannot be used by clients.

Ink R&D Department: Equipped with international senior ink experts. Responsible for eco-solvent ink、solvent ink and UV ink development and production. JXP Technology develop its unique formula depending on the features of ink and printhead. Xaar128+(720dpi)ink xaar126 ink xaar500ink spectra serial inks produced by JXP Technology not only provide ink supply stability and avoid nozzle block ,but also provide high quality in printing. UV tolerance and outdoor life is 2 years.

Printer Spare Parts Department: Equipped with multi-subject experts.Responsible for different types of printer spare parts research、development and production. At present the company can supply all kinds of electrical spare parts, ink system spare parts, mechanical spare parts.The spare parts are widely used in printing area.

Printer service departmentEquipped with many experienced、independent globle service engineers. Responsible for providing domestic and overseas service.

Printhead repair
all kinds of printhead film re-stick, electrical components repair, other components fixing Printhead common malfunctions are nozzles block、film peel off、electrical components damage、chip fails、 piezoelectricity damage etc.Nozzle block can be solved by professional cleanfilm peel off can be fixed by re-sticking, electrical components damage can be fixed by exchanging parts , chip fails can be solved by changing another chip, piezoelectricity aging can be recovered.

Printhead detectMainly detect printhead inner chip status、film status and nozzles statues.
Printhead can¨t fire has many reasons, such as the damages of electricity components、chip and piezoelectricity , and nozzle filter block. What we say ^printhead clean ̄ is to solve the problem of nozzle block and filter block, not including other component repair.

Printhead cleanSolve the problem of nozzle block and printhead inner filter block.
Printhead clean can be classified as maintaining and repairing. Many clients can deal with the cleaning of maintaining. Only professional organizations can deal with the cleaning of repairing. Instead of traditional clean methods,We have introduced in foreign advanced equipment and technology to clean printhead.



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